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About me


Aged 24, I completed the formation "Alternance Informatique et Réseau" (AIR) given by the school Sup Galilée at Villetaneuse.

I am also employed by the startup Scaled Risk. It is located in the center of Paris and develops software to investment banks. I held the position of "Solution Engineer".

This software builds on technologies from the "Big Data" world as Hadoop (especially HDFS), HBase or Lucene. I gained a strong expertise during my apprenticeship on these frameworks.

This page is intended to present my training, my skills, my professional experience but also extra-professional activities which are related to my profession.


IT and Network engineer
Experience on Big Data, HDFS, HBase and Lucene
experienceWork experiences
From 09/2012 to now : Java engineer developer at Scaled Risk
  • Developement of an indexing and searching system to retrieve data stored in HBase. (Solution based on Lucene and HDFS)
  • Improvement of recovery and middle time to recover of Scaled Risk application
  • Specification and developement of a distributed message bus fault tolerent
  • Spécification and developement of a functionnal transactionnal system for HBase
From 07/2012 to 08/2012 : Pre-employment internship at Scaled Risk
  • Behavior analysis of java sockets
  • Testing of HBase data management system in order to improve its middle time to recover (MTTR) after various failures
From 01/08/2011 to 03/09/2011 : Seasonal job at GMC Services (Groupe Henner)
  • Help to maintain and administrate IT infrastructure
  • Inventory of unused IT equipment
From 01/11/2008 to 05/11/2008 : Internship at Videntys
  • Client council
  • Fixing IT equipment
  • UNIX servers administration
2012 : AIR (Informatique et Réseau en Alternance)
           School : Ecole d'ingénieur Sup Galilée [acheived]
2010 : CP2I (Classe préparatoire intégrée)
           School : Ecole d'ingénieur Sup Galilée [acheived] with honours Pretty Good
2010 : Baccalauréat Scientifique (Option Sciences de l'ingénieur)
           School : Lycée Paul Eluard [acheived] with honours Pretty Good
2007 : Brevet des collèges
           School : Collège Fabien [acheived] with honours Good
  • German (notions)
  • English (TOEIC Score : 850) (ordinary)
  • Martial art
  • Motorsports
  • IT
activiteExtra-curricular activities
  • Bodybuilding
  • Thaï boxing
  • Contribution to open source projects
competenceProfessional skill

Hardware plateform : PC, Mac, Sparc, MIPS, ARM

Operating System : Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and forks, Android

Programming language : C, C++, Java, MIPS ASM, x86 ASM, PHP, XHTML, XML, XSL, CSS, RDF, Matlab, Shell, Perl, Python, Scala

Frameworks and libraries : JDK, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Lucene, Joda Time, Protobuf, Guava, GTK

Databases : HBase, Oracle, MySQL

Mastered application :
  • Desktop : Microsoft Office, LibreOffice
  • Graphism and Sound : Solidworks, GIMP, Cubase, Reason
  • Developement : VIM, GCC, GDB, Yourkit, BSD Make, GNU Make, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Maven, GIT
  • Security : IPTables, Packet Filter, OpenBSD spamd
  • Virtualisation and emulation : Virtualbox, VMWare, QEMU
  • Service : Apache httpd, BSD ftpd, OpenSSH, BIND, Postfix, Sendmail, NFS, MySQL
Concepts learned during my courses
  • Software engineering
  • Algorithms and algorithms complexity
  • Computer and microcontrollers architecture
  • Advanced knowledge of information networks
  • Optical fiber and electromagnetic waves transmission
  • System programming
  • Compilation and language theory
  • Sizing and network performance
  • Android developement
  • Cryptography
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Semantic Web
  • Databases and Datawarehouses
  • System and network administration
  • IPv6

Open Source Softwares

Here is a partial list of my contributions to various open source projects.

AmbariAmbari : Monitoring and administration tool for Hadoop cluster.
OpenBSDOpenBSD : Open Source Operating System.
FreeBSDFreeBSD : Open Source Operating System.
Mesa3DMesa3D : Free OpenGL implementation.

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The first version of this page was created as a project in the course of "Semantic Web" that I followed in AIR3. This page is hosted on a server administered by my own care.

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